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Ladder Type Picking Uprise Cart PCS10

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Ladder Type Picking Uprise Cart
  • Ladder Type Picking Uprise Cart

Ladder Type Picking Uprise Cart PCS10

Specification(L*W): 1060*530*1040 mm

Platform Specification(L*W): 520*550 mm

Platform Height: 520*845 mm

Ladder step QTY: 3

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    25 working days
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    Orange and blue
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Ladder Type Picking Uprise Cart PCS10

Feature of our uprise cart:

Artificial uprise to pick goods essential tool,suitable for factory or logistics center picking operations,

they are always match with panel shelf usage,mahy kinds of models and design can be non-standard order.

Sample :

we will send you sample for your reference, but have to pay from your side;
And we will refund the fee once you have an order with us!

Our free services include consultations and sample CAD layouts
of your proposed rack system. Don't hesitate to consider reviewing
the racking systems on site or at our headquarters.

Get the racking system you need at the best price guaranteed.

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