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Pay Attention To The Drive in Racks

Pay Attention To The Drive in Racks

Drive-in rack is one of the most commonly used racks. Usually, in the same space its storage ability is almost twice than pallet rack. Without the aisles between each rack, the warehouse drive in rack can maximize the space by allowing a larger number of pallets to be stored in the same space. Compared with pallet racks, the warehouse utilization rate of drive in racks can up to 80%, and highly increase the warehouse floor space by 30% or more. So it is widely used in wholesale, cold storage and food, tobacco industry. However, the following you need to be noted during the usage of drive in racks.

1. One of the drawbacks of drive in rack is lack of stability. So this type of rack is not designed to be very high (normally less than 10m) and suggested to add some fixing device to be strong.

2. Drive in rack usually follows the first in, last out (FILO) principle, so not suitable for storage small quantities but varieties of goods.

3. The limited choice of forklift: the width of the forklift is required smaller to make sure a better walking vertical stability.

4. The cargo per each pallet should not be too large and heavy. Normally, the weight is better to be controlled less than 1500KG and the pallet no more than 1.5 meters.