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Why More And More Customers Prefer Radio Shuttle Racking?

Why More And More Customers Prefer Radio Shuttle Racking?

The radio shuttle racking system is a kind of high-density storage system, which is composed of three major parts: the rack, pallet runner and forklift. This shuttle racking can improve the utilization rate of the warehouse space up to 80% or even more, bringing a new storage options for our customers! Since the arrival of radio shuttle racking, it has been favored by many customers. Why more and more customers choose the radio shuttle racking system? The main reason is a new storage experience of the shuttle racking when compared to the ordinary racks.

Volume Ratio

In the same area of the warehouse, the volume rate of the ordinary rack is 34%, but the shuttle rack is up to 75%, which is twice as much as that of the ordinary rack.

Storage Way

Ordinary pallet rack can only meet the single access mode: first –in first-out or first –in last-out. But the shuttle racking can meet both of the access modes. Therefore, it is more suitable for food, medicine industries etc.


Compared with ordinary racks, the forklift of shuttle racking can easily access to the goods without driving inside the racks. What’s more, a worker can operate more than one pallet runners at the same time, which greatly improves the work efficiency.


The shuttle racking system is very stable in structure. In addition, the shuttle pallet runner is internally access to goods, so the forklifts is just outside to avoid the collision of forklift on the racks, which can ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment.

Return on Investment

The cost of the radio shuttle rack is higher than that of the ordinary racks in the early stage, but the cost of personnel and equipment maintenance is far lower than that of the ordinary racks in the later stage. Therefore, for the long-term, the radio shuttle rack must be the best choice.