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Wire Decking Is Also Important To Pallet Racking System

Wire Decking Is Also Important To Pallet Racking System

Safety always comes first when refer to any warehouse environment. Not only the safety of the warehouse operators but also of the products which stored on the racking system.

Wire mesh decking is very common as a safety method on pallet racking system.
Wire mesh decks are mainly composed of mesh pieces and reinforcing bars, most of the mesh pieces are galvanized treatment, some are also spray treatment. Dimensions are customized according to warehouse shelves specifications.

We normally use standard type of wire decks with U-shaped channel supports on our selective pallet racks. These mesh pieces flat out between the two beams and their edge wrap over the top of the beam not merely provide load support for the shelves but also avoid pallets or products falling down from the pallet racks, so as to provide more security. Thanks to the holes in the mesh, these wire decks can also prevent the dirt or debris from accumulating on the racks.

All in all, wire decking plays an important role for the safety used of selective pallet rack system.