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The Acceptance Standard of Warehouse Storage Racking Systems

The Acceptance Standard of Warehouse Storage Racking Systems

Nowadays, Warehouse Storage Shelving Systems are widely used in various industries such as: textile, tobacco, commercial, medical, mechanical and electrical, clothing and other industries, and the demand is still growing.

Driven by the demand, the shelving industry has achieved rapid development. However, due to the lack of industry standards, warehouse shelving industry is facing increasingly fierce market competition. So how to check and accept warehouse storage shelves has become an important issue that warehouse operators need to pay attention to. Next, we are going to talk about the acceptance standards of these warehouse storage racking systems.

Step1, check the quantity, color, and packing requirement, whether they are the same as purchase order.

Step 2, overall installation accuracy test of the rack:
1.  The vertical deviation of the rack frame is within 10mm.
2. Deviation of beam height on the same level is less than 10 m.
3. The bottom center distance deviation of the of the two adjacent upright should not exceed 2mm.

Step 3, The accuracy test of the rack manufacturing.
1.The error range of fore and aft hole cannot exceed 2mm.
2. When full loading, the bending of the inside and outside of the upright should be less than H/1000, and the load deflection of the beam should be less than L/250.
3. The rigidity and strength of the shelf should meet the mechanical industry standard GB/5323-91.
4. The welding process should be in line with national standards

Step4, Check the surface treatment.(for example, whether the painting is good and the thickness meet customer's requirement.)