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Some Important Accessories For Selective Pallet Racking

Some Important Accessories For Selective Pallet Racking

Have you ever been frustrated by unstable warehouse racking system? And worrying about the forklifts will dent the upright post of your racks? Don't worry, you can upgrade your pallet racking system with some accessories that we mentioned as following.

Post Protectors
Safety should be put in the first place even for an experience and careful warehouse operators. Post protectors are designer to protect the upright frames from common forklift impacts, so that can keep the integrity of the pallet racking.In fact,upright frame collision caused by forklifts is inevitable in warehouse to some extent, but with the help of post protectors,this damage would happen less.

Beam Joists
Beam joists are also know as safety bars or support bars, they can be added between two beams to increase the load capacity of your beam levels.At the same time, they provide a sturdy surface for pallet by making beams tied together as a whole.

Row Spacers

In order to create a safer warehousing environment,row spacers are always used to connect two rows of back to back pallet racking.Their job is to keep the rack system more steady and nicely aligned.

Article from China Pallet Rack Factory : Guangzhou HLD Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd.