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How to build a better pallet racking system?

How to build a better pallet racking system?

Every warehouse situation is different, so different warehouse has different needs of pallet racking systems. You need to figure out what types of racks are suitable for your warehouse. A variety of pallet racking options can fit your needs according to the type of inventory you deal with and the order flow. So the question is how to build a better racking system for your warehouse? The following 4 tips may help.

Storage Density. If storage maximization is the priority need for your warehouse, think about the high density pallet racking systems such as very narrow pallet racks, drive in racks, drive through racks, push-back racks etc. These racks can bring your warehouse a larger storage capacity.

Products Operation Mode. If the products you manager require FIFO(first in first out) operation mode, consider selective pallet racking first, which can easily pick products.

Products Pickup Type. This refer to the way of handle and pick your products. For example, if your products are only picked by hand, then the long span shelving rack is the best choice for your products.

Forklift Access. Some warehouses require free access to the products, so you need to leave enough space for walkway to make sure that a forklift can reach your goods easily without bumping into the racks or products.