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How Can I Choose My Pallet Flow Rack?

How Can I Choose My Pallet Flow Rack?

Warehouse Pallet Flow Rack is evolved from the medium storage rack. The fluency strips are connected directly to the front and rear beam and also the middle support beam, then the beam directly hung on the uprightpost. The installation slope of fluency strip depends on the size, weight, packing case and the depth of the pallet flow rack, usually take 5% ~ 9%.Normally, the bearing capacity of a fluency strip roller is 6kg/ piece.If the goods are heavy, 3-4 pieces of the fluency strip can be installed in one raceway.A supporting beam is usually installed at a depth every 0.6m to increase the rigidity of the fluency bar.If the raceway is long, it can also be separated by partition.Brake plates shall be installed at the pickup end to slow down the goods and reduce the impact.Usually, there are 4 dimensions of this kind of racks: 1500*500*2000mm,1500*600*2000mm,2000*500*2000m,2000*600*2000mm.

Customized Pallet Flow Rack is available.

As the increasing need for the warehouse storage racks,peopleare more and more strict when shopping for an ideal rack.The following five tips may help you choose a perfect rack.

1. Stability of a Pallet Flow Rack.This has been one of the key problems of structural design.Since there are many uncertainties in the design, the construction and use of the shelf structure, the stability of the shelf is very important in the selection.

2. When selecting a rack, go over carefully to see if there is deformation, uneven phenomenon.

3.Plan warehouse features ahead of time. The Pallet Flow Rack System that you choose must be suitable for the characteristics of your own warehouses, so you need to have your own plan before buying or consult some professional technicians for help.

4.Process problems.Whether the materials using on the racks meet your requirements and your standards. A standard Pallet Flow Rack should go through the process of oil removal, rust removal, pretreatment, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing and other links.

5. Complete parts and components.You also need to check whether the parts such as screws, safety bin etc. on the shelves are complete.